Can I see or select the meals in advance?

We like to keep things exciting at FFF, so each day the meals you receive are a surprise, meaning you aren’t able to select which meals you would like.

Our platform calculates the appropriate amount of each ingredient in each meal to ensure that your macros are hit and then selects the best fit for your goals. Some meals will fit your goals better than others, and sometimes it can take careful, manual calculation to determine which meals would be best for you and your macros. Therefore, we like to take the stress off you and do the hard work ourselves.

However, you are able to list up to three exclusions for most of our plans (apart from our Paleo, Vegan, and Vegetarian plans), if there is anything you would not like to receive. Furthermore, if you receive a meal that isn't to your taste, just let us know, and we will do our best to remove the meal from your menu! You can also let us know if there are certain things you would like to receive more frequently, and we will try our best to include them more in your plan.