How do I cancel my plan?

1. Sign in to your FFF account
2. Navigate to the 'Account Info' tab. If you are on a phone/tablet, look for the notebook icon ()
3. Click 'Manage Subscription'
4. When the pop-up opens, click 'Manage my subscription preferences'
5. On the next screen, click 'I want to cancel my subscription early'
6. Fill out the cancellation form and select the reason for the cancellation from the drop-down menu, and add any additional details in the box.
7. Click to submit your form and this will be sent through the the Customer Service Team. 
8. The Customer Service Team will be in touch to confirm the cancellation of your plan and any refund due. 
Cancellations work slightly differently for our Commit plans and our Flexi payment plans. 
With all early cancellations, the daily price of the package will be adjusted to reflect the number of days actually delivered. Your refund amount will then be added as credit to your Fresh Fitness Food account. You can then request that the credit be cashed out- please note this will incur a 10% fee (up to £65). Alternatively, you are able to pause deliveries for as long as required, and resume at a later date if that is preferable!
Our Flexi plan is a rolling subscription. You can place your deliveries on freeze at any time by clicking 'pause order'  which can be located within the 'Manage my subscription preferences' tab. This means that no further payments nor deliveries will be made unless you choose to resume your subscription.
Freezing your subscription allows you to keep all of your preferences on your account e.g. blacklisted meals, delivery schedules. This saves you from having to input new details if you choose to use the service at a later date.
If you prefer to cancel the Flexi plan completely, then you will need to follow the steps above to cancel your order. There are no cancellation fees associated with cancelling your Flexi subscription plan.