How do weekly payments work?

At the time of purchase, you pay for the following:
1. Any deliveries scheduled on the week the order was placed
2. The first full week 
3. The final five deliveries of your plan**
Moving forward from the initial payment, we will take an automatic payment every Wednesday for all deliveries you are receiving in the following week. If this payment fails, we will send you an email asking to check your payment details, and the payment will automatically be attempted again on Friday morning. If it fails again, your order will automatically be placed on pause, and you will need to go into your account to unpause it and re-attempt payment. 
**The reason you are paying for the final five deliveries as well is in case of early cancellation. When you cancel an order early, the daily price is adjusted to reflect the number of days actually delivered, so you need to have some days in 'credit' to cover for this.