How does your Nationwide delivery work?

Nationwide orders operate on a subscription basis. They are 'Flexi' orders. This means your plan will roll over each week on Wednesday unless you choose to pause your subscription.  You can find more information on our 'Flexi' plans here

The delivery window for nationwide clients is between 06:00 am - 12 pm on the selected delivery date.

Food is delivered in a double insulated cardboard box, with icepacks.  All materials are fully recyclable, and can be placed in your regular recycling bin. If you would prefer to return the packaging to us, please contact, and we will arrange this with our couriers for you. 

Deliveries are available from Tuesday to Friday each week. Delivery is FREE if you receive 3 or more boxes in one delivery. If you order just 1 or 2 bags on a given day, the delivery charge will be £9.50 per drop. Because of this, the default delivery pattern is set to 3 boxes on Tuesday and 3 boxes on Friday. 

Please note, that there may be some duplicate meals across your different boxes, especially for those on the plant-based plans, as we have a smaller menu available.